About Absolute Software

Absolute Software has been consulting/mentoring on systems engineering, object–oriented methods, software engineering and architectures, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and the Ada, C++, and Java programming languages since 1986, and since 1982 teaching as well. We are particularly known for Colbert’s Object–Oriented Software Development method (“OOSD”), which supports analysis and design for implementation in languages such as Ada, C++, and Java. NASA Langley Research Center used OOSD for a Software Engineering Process Guide; OOSD was chosen partly for its strength in real–time software development.

In the commercial environment, we have designed software development processes, consulted on the standards for standards for developing high integrity systems, mentored on system and business process modeling, developed distributed client–server systems, and consulted on the development of CASE tools. We have managed projects and work packages. In aerospace, we have developed real–time applications with Ada and C++ as the implementation languages, and tools and environments to support development of applications. We are familiar with U.S. Defense standards and procedures, and either have current clearances or can be cleared as required by a project.

Among our representative clients are Lockheed Martin, Computer Sciences Corporation, TRW (now Part of Northrop Grumman), U.S. Army Missile Command, Aonix, Honeywell Advanced Technical Center, Ericsson, KPMG Peat Marwick, Lockheed Martin, NASA Langley Research Center, Pacific Bell, and Texas Instruments. We also present tutorials and professional development seminars.

Scheduled Public Classes

Ada For Experienced Programmers

Mar 24-28

Developing Real-time Systems in Ada (NEW)

Jun 2-6

Developing Real-time Systems in C++ (NEW)

Sept 2014

Developing Real-time Systems in Java (NEW)

Oct 2014

Note: we schedule public classes as time permits or when we receive sufficient requests for a particular class. So, if you are interested in attending a particular class, please let us know.