C++/C#/Java Training

First designed as a "general–purpose programming language which features economy of expression, modern control flow and data structures, and a rich set of operators" for the UNIX operating system, C’s generality and absence of restrictions have made it a popular language for many applications.

C++ adds support for the object–oriented paradigm (including multiple inheritance & abstract classes), templates, and exception handling, and improves support for large systems.

C++ For Experienced Programmers

Format: Lecture-workshop, 5 days

Intended For: Software development personnel, including their management and QA engineers, who intend to program in C++.

Prerequisites: Programming experience, familiarity with a high-level language.

Overview: This course teaches the student how to write high quality, internally documented, well-structured C++ programs.  Students will learn how C++ supports software engineering principles, such as abstraction, information hiding, localization, and modularity, and how to apply these principles in software development.  Students will see how C++ incorporates and improves upon ISO C, then adds features supporting object–oriented design & programming, error management, and templates.  The student will gain experience with syntax and semantics of the ISO standard C++ language.  Finally, we will look at how the new Standard Library reduces the amount of code that needs to be developed and improves reliability through re-use.

Full Course Description (PDF)

Developing Real-TimeConcurrent Systems in C++ or C# or Java
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